As a passionate author, Sebastian Wieschowski has a particular pleasure in informing about the area of “numismatics” as well as “precious metals” and providing detailed background information. Sebastian regularly publishes literature in the field of “numismatics” as well as “precious metals” and is constantly working on new publications, also in cooperation with precious metal and coin dealers.

2017: Bullion-Buch Silbermünzen zum Sammeln und Anlegen

German title: Bullion-Buch – Silbermünzen zum Sammeln und Anlegen

Coinosseur Redaktionsbüro, Stadthagen
180 pages
12,90 Euro
ISBN: not yet known

About the book: The boom in precious metals has led to the emergence of a new collection area over the past few years: Modern investment coins made of silver are increasingly being collected by numismatists. Sophisticated collectors and investors are are interested in the different grades and motifs, they hunt missing pieces at auctions and coin shows – the value of the coins lies at a multiple of the silver spot price and many new issues quickly gain in value. This book is a reliable companion for all “Bullion collectors” – it is designed as guidebook, coin catalog and collection documentation in one work.

2014: Two Euro catalog

  • German title: “Zwei-Euro-Katalog”
  • Richter & Dyballa Verlagsgesellschaft, Frankfurt
  • 230 Seiten
  • 10,95 Euro
  • ISBN: 9783981314762
    About the book:

The regular emission of two-euro commemorative coins has led to a rebirth of coin collecting in Germany. The finely crafted motifs from all Euro-countries can also be found in the purse and strengthen a mainstream focus on coin collecting which continues to this day. In addition to the standard information on each coin, the book also provides exciting background information on the motifs.

2012: Guide to Precious Metal Investment A handbook for precious metal newbies, investment professionals and those who want to become one.

  • German title: “Ratgeber Edelmetall-Investment. Ein Handbuch für Edelmetall-Neulinge, Anlage-Profis und solche,die es werden wollen.”
  • Money Trend Verlag, Wien
  • 160 Seiten
  • 9.90 Euro
  • ISBN: 9783950302295

About the book:

The fear of a Euro collapse has triggered a modern gold rush: Precious metals are the preferred protection against inflation and loss of assets because they cannot, unlike paper money, be reproduced artificially. Another reason for the fascination can be seen in the fact that investment in precious metals is a sensual experience – the money is not invested in abstract securities, but in a visible and stable value. With more than 2,500 units sold, the “Guide to precious metals investment” is one of the best-selling book metals in the precious metal sector and is also used long after the initial publication year of 2012. Several German precious metal traders, including “Silbertresor”, “Emporium Silberwerte” and  “MP Edelmetalle”, sold the book with an individualized cover.