Bullion coins in gold and silver

More and more people who have not had anything to do with coins are discovering numismatics. From all ages, collectors organize themselves in social networks such as Facebook and exchange ideas for the latest coinage. Most of them originally wanted to invest only a little money in precious metals and protect themselves against inflation and political uncertainties. Their investment, however, has become a passion and the collective fever has grabbed it. Classical numismatics and modern precious metal investment are growing ever closer together. Sebastian Wieschowski accompanies this trend with articles and literature.

Panda coins and medals from China

International contacts and, in particular, German-Chinese friendship are among the heart affairs of Sebastian Wieschowski in the numismatic field. He is fascinated by the high-quality and exotic motives of coins from the Far East and has great pleasure in learning more about foreign cultures in the distance. And a very special opportunity to celebrate the cultural connections between Europe and Asia is provided by the Panda medals, which are issued for coin fairs such as the “World Money Fair” and the “Numismata”. Sebastian Wieschowski has specialized in these coveted embossing, which with few editions and highest embossing quality are among the most beautiful treasures of modern numismatics.

Counterfeit coins

The modern Bullion coins have called fraudsters to the scene. They hope for the fast profit, import cheap counterfeits from China to Europe and trick unsuspecting collectors – with devastating long-term effects. Nevertheless, this subject is still a taboo in the numismatics and bullion industry. Sebastian Wieschowski explains the counterfeiting of coins with his publications and a Facebook group.