In addition to his journalistic activities for renowned publishers in the field of “numismatics” as well as “precious metals”, Sebastian Wieschowski has repeatedly led projects with regard to real assets in recent years. The following list is a small selection since especially in the area of “numismatics” as well as “precious metals”, a special discretion is preserved and Sebastian Wieschowski ensures the desired confidentiality towards his clients.

2017: OMEGA Magazine – Funded background information for real estate buyers

OMEGA Real Estate Group, Munich

Shares? Bonds? Savings book? Investors in Germany no longer know where to go with their money. With a high-quality and well-redacted customer magazine, the OMEGA Real Estate Group from Munich accompanies its current and prospective customers on their way towards their very own real estate for personal or investment use. The real estate boom is continuing throughout Germany – and Sebastian Wieschowski accompanies this development as an author with well-founded contributions to “OMEGA Magazine”.

2013: Diamonds Special – Brilliants as jewelery and value investment, Wiesbaden

In addition to gold and silver, exotic property investments are also very popular in Germany – and especially diamonds are getting in the focus of buoyant investors because this is a particularly brilliant and historical investment. However, sound specialist knowledge is required for a successful investment. Sebastian Wieschowski shared this knowledge with the customers of “”. The texts can be found on the company website.

2012: Goldblatt – A trade journal for the demanding precious metal investor

Money Trend Publishing House, Vienna

At the beginning of this decade, the gold price climbed from one record to the next, because there was seemingly no way out of the European financial and credit crisis. Until April 2012, however, there was still no magazine on the German market with a focus on the precious metal investment. The “Goldblatt” was developed by Sebastian Wieschowski and served as a supplement to “Money Trend”, an internationally oriented magazine for coins and paper money which served the increased demand for information on gold and silver as an asset and inflation protection. The magazine positioned itself at the crossroads between a classic coin magazine and a modern financial journalist magazine. Sebastian Wieschowski served as editorial director until the end of 2012 and was also responsible for the layout of the magazine.